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硕士留学申请Motivation Letter写作要素

Motivation Letter,留学动机信也叫留学计划书,是国外很多大学在招收硕士国际留学生的时候往往需要的申请材料之一,当然在现在很多本科生出国留学大军中是很少会遇到Motivation Letter,不过为了帮助一些在国内完成了本科学业想要出国留学读硕士的同学们成功拿到offer,了解如何写好Motivation Letter事非常有必要的。那么今天Borun小编就来告诉大家这Motivation Letter该怎么写并给出了一份比较优质的建筑专业硕士申请者的Motivation Letter范文,供大家参考学习。

Motivation Letter的写作一定要有有逻辑性,因为西方人以逻辑性强著称这点我们都是知道的。所以Motivation Letter文中一定要具体并且全文贯通、有原因和结果。总而言之,言而总之就是一句话:具体、生动、逻辑性强、中心思想明确。接下来给大家说说留学动机信写作的几个基本要素:




以下是一篇建筑专业的硕士Motivation Letter写作范文,不会写的同学们可以学习一下。

Dear Sir/Madam

Please mind me starting with a sentence which left me a deep impression. “You need to give creative people ample space and at the same time put them on a long lead. Managing creativity implies a willingness to bend the rules, make mistakes, accept unfinished ideas and to live with ambiguity and chaos.” This paragraph was the said by Manfred Kets de Vriesfrom the website of TU Delft,which wake my almost sleeping heart to pursue the career of architecture.

For me, Architecture not only refers to a kind of simple design, but also trying to develop creative and innovative building projects which regard design as a method to deal with technical, social and spatial challenges which we encountered in our life. Just like my final graduation project which can show my strong ability, it discovers and reforms a specific architecture form—Lifen architectural complex in Shahu Cultural centre in Wuhan. This kind of residential building is the main type of dwelling in modern Wuhan, and it is also called Nongtang in Shanghai, which can be regarded as the most symbolic culture to represent the history and culture of a city. However, with the tendency of economic and political globalization, increasingly more and more old architecture was replaced by residence community or high building. There is no denying that it would result in damaging traditional culture and traditional lifestyle. Therefore, my graduation project has realistic meaning for the protection and renovation of modern historic areas and the development of modern residence design with local characters of Wuhan.

Based on the investigation and discovering of Lifen, my concept of design is to creatively combine the traditional architectural style with modern limited space, at the same time, to maintain the advantages of its character. Therefore we should make sure it have access to inner, while half open to outside, and also involves more people to take active part in it, what’s more important, it cannot be disturbed by surrounding environments, like square, road. By deeply discovering some architectural features of layout, construction, decoration, design, dwelling form, interns of architectural forms and material of this old architecture, we adopt the beam, pitched roof tile, and neat work into our reconstruction, which not only inherit the traditional character of old architecture, but also fuse surrounded environment,providing a more diversity insight. Namely, through designing periscope, external and internal can well be connected with each other. This design is more likely tothe way of ancient Chinese garden choosing scenery, which can raise the interest of people.

If I have to explain Why I choose Netherlands, especially TU Delft to continue my Architecture career, I would say there are mainly three reasons. First reason is that Netherlands is where my dream starts from. The first impression of Architecture on me was the amazing work from artist Piet Cornelies Mondrian,who is a famous neoplasticism artist in Netherlands. When I was still a freshman, my tutor assigned me a project that to convert the square graph from 2D to 3D, which can be the really interesting but tough for me. However, by doing that I found how wonderful and fantasy the architecture world is, and achieved outstanding design which originated from square graph. From that time onward, my great interest is guided by architecture, and I enjoyed too much in the designing process of architecture.

Secondly, for me, expanding my knowledge and skills cannot be the only reason for making an application for Master degree, I still want to specialize further in a particular area of the discipline. I know TU Delft has a very good reputation all over the world, it is said that TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment holds a leading position in its field. At the same time, Delft pays a lot of attentions to the logicality and integrality of person’s profile. This is what I am trying to improve, because in my last work, I tend to convey the spirit and connotation of architecture to the public by focusing on some important details, sometime it makes me forget to take the elements of integrality and integration into account. Thus I need to make up the deficiency to improve my comprehensive ability. Ps: I know the major architectural in Delft is not called Architectural Faculty, It has a very interesting name which called BK City.

Thirdly, figuring out the practical problems is also another reason for me to choose TU Delft. In the process of architectural design, the architectural forms and architectural styles of Netherlands have a huge influence on me, offering me a lot of valuable inspiration. Nowadays, among all the work by the talented artists and architect, which inspired me most is the architecture office like OMA, MVRDV, I found a very funny situation that there are many architectures can creatively use design methods to solve social and living environment. It reminds me of some difficult questions which have existed in China for a long time, such as China traditional garden, which is urgently need to be protected by public. However this kind of situation was still not solved. As a result, as a architect in China, only to rich my architectural theories and understand the comprehensive design system is not enough, I think we have responsibilities toskillfully utilize some advanced design methods to solve existed problems, and can be technically trained by professionals who can develop and implement metropolitan solutions.

Last but not least, as a talented student of architecture, with consistently study in Fine Arts University, I always try to push myself to be better and better in the field of architecture, which makes me closer to my goal and dream. And also in the profile of your website, it says the mission of your faculty is to educatesstudents to become excellent architectural engineers: from building technologists and urbanists to architects, landscape architects, real estate experts and geodata specialists, working at both national and international levels; This is also my dream to possess knowledge of the latest developments in the field of architecture and the built environment which holds a strong promise for future.

I wish I could be offered a chance to study there, thanks a lot!

Looking forward for your replying!

Sincerely yours,


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—— zhouzhengmao

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