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所有的Literary Analysis essay写作,都是为了回答和文本相关的一些问题,所以文学课上,老师可能会布置这样的essay题目:

Why does Hamlet hesitate for so long before killing his uncle, King Claudius?

How does street language function in Gwendolyn Brooks’s “We Real Cool”?

In what ways does Louis Erdrich’s Love Medicine draw on oral narrative traditions?

What is the connection between Latin and Gaelic in Brian Friel’s play Translations?

你的目标应该是在正确解读文本的基础上,有说服力地回答老师的题目。要想写好Literary Analysis essay,首先就要做的就是去阅读,阅读的时候一定要做一个 active 的读者,读的时候一定要带着目的去读,比如说带着如下的问题:


Plot. What central conflicts drive the plot? Are they internal (within a character) or external (between characters or between a character and a force)? How are conflicts resolved? Why are events revealed in a particular order

Setting. Does the setting (time and place) create an atmosphere, give an insight into a character, suggest symbolic meanings, or hint at the theme of the work?

Character. What seems to motivate the central characters? Do any characters change significantly? If so, what — if anything — have they learned from their experiences? Do sharp contrasts between characters highlight important themes?

Point of view. Does the point of view — the perspective from which the story is narrated or the poem is spoken — affect our understanding of events? Does the narration reveal the character of the speaker, or does the speaker merely observe others? Is the narrator perhaps innocent, naive, or deceitful?

Theme. Does the work have an overall theme (a central insight about people or a truth about life)? If so, how do details in the work serve to illuminate this theme?

Language. Does language — such as formal or informal, standard or dialect, prosaic or poetic, cool or passionate — reveal the character of speakers? How do metaphors, similes, and sensory images contribute to the work? How do recurring images enrich the work and hint at its meaning? To what extent do sentence rhythms and sounds underscore the writer’s meaning?


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在阅读的时候,为了帮助你集中注意力,需要做笔记,把所有你觉得很重要的东西全部记下来,徐老师在阅读的时候,会把一些觉得很重要的语句会用 iPhone 的笔记录音模式,通过朗读转换成英文文字,并记录下页码,方便后面写作中用到 (作为 primary source),用到的时候,可以直接 copy,省时省力,但是做笔记的方式很多,自己喜欢就好。

读完一个作品之后,需要及时作总结,把你觉得有用的东西用 word 文档记下来,这些东西有助于你发展自己的 thesis statement,比如说在读完 John Steinbeck 的短篇小说 “Chrysanthemums” 之后,可以做如下的总结:

Eliza’s gardening clothes–“clodhopper” shoes and a dress “covered by a big corduroy apron”–not very feminine.

The words “strong,” “strength,” “power,” and “powerful” keep popping up in connection with Eliza and her gardening. Why?

Conversation with pots-and-pans repairman about growing chrysanthemums is sexually charged–e.g., “Her breast swelled passionately.”

Is she attracted to the traveling repairman or just his way of life? She envies his freedom to sleep outdoors in his wagon: “I wish women could do such things.”


上面我们列了一些关于文学作品问题(Plot, theme 等等),问了这些问题有助于你对作品本身的理解,除此以外,你还可以问一些和社会背景相关的问题:


Historical context. What does the work reveal about the time and place in which it was written? Does the work appear to promote or undermine a philosophy that was popular in its time, such as social Darwinism in the late nineteenth century?

Class. How does membership in a social class affect the characters’ choices and their successes or failures? How does class affect the way characters view—or are viewed by—others? What do economic struggles reveal about power relationships in the society being depicted?

Race and culture. Are any characters portrayed as being caught between cultures: between the culture of home and work or school, for example, or between a traditional and an emerging culture? Are any characters engaged in a conflict with society because of their race or ethnic background? To what extent does the work celebrate a specific culture and its traditions?

Gender. Are any characters’ choices restricted because of gender? What are the power relationships between the sexes, and do these change during the course of the work? Do any characters resist the gender roles society has assigned to them? Do other characters choose to conform to those roles?

Archetypes. Does a character, image, or plot fit a pattern — or archetype—that has been repeated in stories throughout history and across cultures? (For example, nearly every culture has stories about heroes, quests, redemption, and revenge.) How does an archetypal character, image, or plot line correspond to or differ from others like it?

当你形成自己的见解,确定好如何回答老师的作业问题,你的答案(也就是你的 thesis statement)需要在你作业的第一段里面明确表达出来,下面是一个学生的例子:

Langston Hughes’s “Ballad of the Landlord” is narrated through four voices, each with its own perspective on the poem’s action. These opposing voices–of a tenant, a landlord, the police, and the press– dramatize a black man’s experience in a society dominated by whites.

Literary Analysis essay相对来说还是有一定的难度,毕竟需要大家去阅读相关的文学作品,恰恰我们留学生英语阅读能力想比native reader肯定是不及的,由于阅读能力的欠缺自然对于Literary Analysis essay写作也会有一定的阻碍,为此建议大家把Literary Analysis essay交给我们Meeloun代写,专业、高效、优质、安全、省心,超高性价比,担保交易,满意付款,老品牌,大机构,值得信赖!

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