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  • 这些essay topic你会写吗?

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    这些essay topic你会写吗?
    如果Essay Topic是这样的话,你会怎么写?网友脑补的essay topic! Harvard: Of  which Fortune 100 company are you going to become the CEO and why would you pick that company? UCLA Anderson: Have you seen that show “TheHills?” Isn’t it amazing?Discuss your strategies for getting into clubs toparty with the cast of”The Hills” so you can feel important. Duke Fuqua: What are your short-term and long-term career goals? Begin your essay with the sentence, “My career...
  • career goals essay topic essay话题集锦
    Make an outline for your “career goals” essay. The following is an example of a general, all-purpose outline for a “career goals” essay. The easiest way to proceed with writing your “career goals” essay is to prepare an outline and begin filling in information. The “why an MBA” and “why XYZ school?” type essay questions are technically separate essays but are frequently combined with the “career goals” type essay to form a single essay. General Outline I. Introduction (brief) II. Goals (+vi...
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