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  • Book Review写作步骤,一般人我不告诉他
          最近有同学在微博上跟小编互动问我说Book Review咋写,他说他写的Book Review老被老师说是在Retell Story,没有深度,那么今天Meeloun小编就为大家整理下Book Review的写作步骤,希望能帮到有同样写作困惑的同学们。如果大家在期末紧张备考期末考试没时间写的话可以交给我们Meeloun代劳哈。下面先来看看这Book Review是什么、 Book Review,书评,其中的“Book”一般情况下最近的一段时间的作品,有可能是书,同时也可能是杂志、报纸和学术期刊,Book Review首先要对作品的关键内容做一个简要地Review,并对作品的优点与缺点做出评...
  • essays和reports写作11个原则

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    The report/essay should be easy to read, clear and logical. Use short, simple sentences, ideally less than 20 words each. Start with a general outline: Introduction, Methods (normally not in a review), Results, Discussion, Conclusion (optional). Delete what is not necessary. Good style is more important (and gets a better mark) than the word count. Ask yourself: what do you want to say? What do you want to tell your reader? If written this way, would you have understood it 3 months ago? Eac...
  • book report代写案例-环境对行为的影响
    也许每个学生必须写一篇读书报告。这个任务是很容易做,如果有这本书撰写报告的样本。这就是为什么我们代表你一本书,报告样本,这将有助于你和你的任务。在研究这个例子,你可以写一个组织良好的读书报告,将满足所有的需求。引用这本书的报告样本正常,如果你要使用它。 Perhaps every student had to write a book report. This task is much easier to do if there is a sample of the book report writing. That is why we represent you a book report sample that will help you with your assignment. Having studied this sa...
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